Paula Prior is the owner of Prior Environmental a leading provider of Residential and Commercial Lead Paint Testing and Consultation, RRP Project Testing, Clearance Testing and HUD Inspections.

Paula Prior is Licensed with the MA Department of Health as a Master Lead Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor. She is also well known as a leading provider of the Lead Safe Renovator Training course accredited by the EPA and a Licensed Lead Safe Training Provider in Massachusetts.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Paula has worked in the lead field since 2001. While restoring her turn of the century home, she sought out lead safe training. To assist other homeowners dealing with Lead Based Paint she started Prior Environmental Services, providing Lead Abatement Contracting Services. Prior now focuses on prevention. Offering Lead Paint Testing, Lead Safe Training and Consulting Services.

Prior Environmental provides Lead Paint Inspections through its Inspections Division while the Training Division continues to train hundreds of contractors and others to become EPA and/or MA Certified Lead Safe Renovators.


Don’t wait until there is a problem to find about the potential lead hazards in your home. If Lead Based Paint (LBP) is present in your home, you need to identify it. I see too often people who try to deal with it on their own without having proper testing or an agent to help the navigate the regulations. Too often people call for help after a child gets sick or their home is contaminated and they have to move out. Disturbing LBP can have serious health risks. It takes a tiny amount of Lead Dust to cause Lead Poisoning. Lead Poisoning is entirely preventable.

Call Paula PRIOR to doing any renovation work or purchasing a pre-1978 home.

The MA Lead Paint Law, requires that homes built before 1978 where a child under the age of 6 resides, be in compliance. This requires a comprehensive Lead Paint Inspection and subsequent abatement of any lead paint hazards identified. All work must be done by properly authorized people;. Homeowners can become authorized to do there own work.
The law also requires that any renovation work performed on homes built before 1978 be completed using a licensed Lead Safe Renovation Contractor. This will ensure that your home is not contaminated when renovation work is done. Visit our page on Lead Safe Training for more information about LSR regulations.

I work with homeowners, property managers, real estate agents, Community Development Programs, Private Programs, Government agencies, Banks etc. as well as performing MA Lead Paint Inspections, Risk Assessments, Post Compliance Assessments.  I also perform many Federal Risk Assessments.

I have been working in this industry for almost 20 years. I can help you understand the Lead Paint Laws and how they affect your property. But most importantly I can provide you the guidance to keep your home and your family safe.

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